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Author Topic: Judas' Run  (Read 1802 times)


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Judas' Run
« on: May 30, 2006, 04:48:19 PM »

Judas sat in the dank squallor of his apartment, a piece of tech in front of him, and a tool forgotten in his hand. His face stared blankly off into space, his mind miles from here.

The rain plattered against the window of his apartment, some of it leaking into the room, probably causing the perpetual mold that kept his rent so low. The water washed out the color and light from the neon signs across the street. The offers of XXX troll-on-elf action lit his apartments many nights. But the apartment wasn't dim because he hadn't paid the elctric bill. The apartment was dark because he liked it better that way.

The apartment was dark because he liked the darkness.

He had gotten a tip a few minutes ago... a vanishing SAN at a certain place, active at midnight for a few seconds. He had checked it two nights ago, and sure enough it was there. He checked it again last night, and sure enough, it was there again.

Judas wasn't sure if this was a trap or a legitimate tip, but he intended to be cautious either way. In any case, he could always hack files and ruin the life of his tipper (a young decker named Albatross), and he had that set up as a backup.

But the time was approaching. The math SPU gave Judas an unrelenting awareness of what time it was, but it gave him an edge in the matrix, so he would use it.

His modified Transys Highlander slid free from the velvet bag that Judas kept it in. He cradled it softly,  moving to the closet where he would hide his meatbody in case someone came into his apartment. He had only needed to wake up to an ork couple doing it on his couch once to start taking precautions like this.

The closet was ideal for hiding- it was also the best possible place to access the telecom junction box, meaning he was stealing the telecom access of the old lady who lived a floor above him, rather than leading any team directly to his apartment. Also in the closet was a bolt-hole, a place for him to climb through into the BTL-head apartment below.

He wrapped his meatbody in a blanket, slid the deck in beside him, and closed the door. He plugged the deck into his LTG port first, then got comfortable and plugged the deck into his datajack. He was mildly aware of his meatbody as he took a glance at the matrix around him. he moved his meat arm underneath the blanket, and ignored his other impulses while he moved around the 'trix.

First he loaded utilities onto his deck. Analyze (5), Browse (5), Commlink (5), Deception (5), Decrypt (5), Read/Write (5), Scanner (5), Spoof (5), Attack (Serious 6), Slow (6), Armor (6), and Medic 3. And of course, his pride and joy, his Sleaze (7) program, which he called 'murky.'

He quickly moved onto the LTG with a simple Logon to LTG action, moving quickly to the access point for the RTG without the system even noticing his intrusion. The RTG wasn't much different, only with more traffic. He breifly pondered monitoring his ex-girlfriends telecom calls again, but decided he didn't have time. It was almost midnight, and he needed to be somewhere.

Albtross had said there was a vanishing SAN on the Seattle LTG, but that he couldn't find it. Judas had searched the LTGs in the area, finally finding it on the Downtown Seattle grid, near the Seattle Catholic Church public access matrix grid. This actually helped to confirm the rumor, seeing as how Judas was going to try to deck the Vatican Army's secret files.

Precisely at 12:00:01, the node appeared. Judas ran the custom spoof filter that his deckmeister had gotten him, watching it lay across the SAN and holding it open. Judas watched it for a second to make sure it would hold, and then stepped inside of it. He was suprised to find an un-christian spoof with devils and knights fighting in animated paintings on the walls of the entrance SAN/hallyway. Stepping into the mouth of the SAN, he checked his sleaze program and looked around.

He saw two icons, a black knight guarding a bridge, and a flaming archway with a pentagram set as a keystone. A quick scan told him that the knight was a Trace and Dump (4) program, and the archway of flames was a Gateway (4) he needed to get through to get to the rest of the system.

Judas eyed the knight, running a quick "Logon to Host" routine, and hoping the week he had spent programming and refining the programming of his Deception utility had been worth it.
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Re:Judas' Run
« Reply #1 on: May 18, 2007, 08:11:14 AM »

just a bump to keep things going in case some returns
Tobias Andrion
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Re: Judas' Run
« Reply #2 on: January 28, 2016, 07:49:44 PM »

I love to read this story. Author smooth affair story was very good. Easy to understand And I want to find out more again. If anyone has a link to help me too.
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