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Author Topic: An idea.... Cyber-Ludites.  (Read 1161 times)


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An idea.... Cyber-Ludites.
« on: January 06, 2014, 04:58:40 AM »

Now, i know, that kinda makes some of you stop as your brain chips reset and error check and all.. But hear me out..

This came from my own thinking. A group, faction, whatever. People that dont want to have all their cyber parts  broadcasting wireless info all over, receiving wireless info all over. I dont want my arms to be controled by a wireless chip in my brain, i'd rather have them connected like in the 3rd edition cyberware. So nobody can hack them, so nobody can tinker with them without my permission, or REALLY having to hold me down to get into them..

Now a days everything is wifi. Which.. well, doesnt seem all that stable or secure. Yeah, parts and what not have extremely small broadcasting range and pick up so someone cant hack you from across town, but its still an opening. Yeah, you can drop some MAJOR cred into buying firewalls and ... stuff, to stop them. But then you still have mundane hazards, areas that just dont work well with wifi. we have spots around here that block even simple connection stuff for lan wifi networks, even in the same room. right next to each other. Now i have to worry about my arms and legs suddenly going off line, or spazzing out?

its a group of people that dont like, that dont appreciate, the new wifi style of the world. You can argue that wifi based cyberware is less intrusive, not needing to be wired deeper into the body to attach to the spinal column or what not, but from what i've seen a cyber arm costs the same in 3rd for a wired, as it does in  4th for a non-wired. It doesnt really seem to have any bonus beyond decreased security. At risk of a political comment.. Your getting decreased security without getting any freedom. Sure, a couple things might be easier (Decking is the most obvious for me) but having my gun connect to the net find out wind speeds and direction to make miniscule (for short to medium ranged combat, for say, a sniper, yeah, insanely useful) changes to your aim, at the same time leaving a footprint of where you were, and leaving your gun possibly open to being hacked and doing something like completely skewing your smartguns aim, ejecting the clip, or erasing Surly marsupials from it all together.

They arent overly dangerous, they could be like, cyber-hipsters, bitching and moaning about how the old Ware was cooler. They could be people who cant afford to upgrade to the new systems, or just dont really see hw useful it is.. Or they could be insane about it, and doing their best to ruin it, trashing wifi receivers, broadcasters, planting Static broadcasters making it so most things don work..

Just an idea..
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