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>Here's the frequenters of our little 'board. Just a little info they decided was ok for others to see.
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Capt. North
Dis Pater
Jack Frost
Wild Man Zeke

>NAME UNKNOWN - Alias(es): Apocalypse
>Race: Eastern Dragon
>Sex: Male
>Known Occupations/Abilities: Dragon
>Background (Autobiographical):
     (OOC) I'm Apocalypse--A Great Japanese Dragon for the Great Dragon Council and the local dragon on the board. I'm from Japan. I stay busy alot in my real life and don't get to post as often as I like. I'm usuallly pretty nice till somebody angers me. If it was you then trust me that I will find you somehow. After all I am a dragon with a lot of resources open to me that you can only dream about using or having. Also if you have any questions on Dragons then just ask. I'm filling the place of Dunkelzahn(hope I spelled that right) since he was assassinated. Well I try to post and most everybody knows me so feel free to ask somebody to find me if you have a question. Anyway welcome to the board.
     Apocalypse-the friendly neighborhood spiderman (errr I mean Dragon)
     P.S. I do have a dragon-size jacket that was tailor-made for those of you that was here during that time.
     P.S.S. Also in real life English is my second language and I live in Japan--So if I get angry or misunderstand something then I apologize now. Everybody knows how I get sometimes and take care of this old dragon.

>Captain Aric North - Alias(es): None
>Race: Human
>Sex: Male
>Known Occupations/Abilities: Former squad commander, vampire hunter
>Background (Autobiographical):
     Captain Aric North. Born in Seattle Washington born in 2020 I was picked by a budding corp and taken into custody by them after my parents dumped me. I was raised as a soldier and trained from my youth. By the time I was 17 I was the Captain of my own squad, 2 heavy gunner trolls, 1 elf Mage, 1 dwarf rigger, and a human decker. We where used as a minor security force and the Corps personal shadowrunners. We had 13 successful runs and no loses on any one of them.
     About 3 years after I made Captain something happened in the Corp and it was disbanded and disolved. Me and my team went Pro in the shadows, the work was harder, the missions where tougher, and the bullet holes where bigger. But we didn't lose anybody. After our last run, number 19 for the Aztech corp we where out to do our normal hey we are still alive celebration. About half way to our bar we where attacked by a vampire, he took out almost all of my team by himself before I blew off his head with a Browning Max- Power. Only one person on my team besides me was alive, the human decker, also my fiance. We where carted off to the hospital and they lost her on the way there. Me, I survived, but they had to replace one of my arms and one of my legs with cyberware parts. About 3 weeks after I was out of physical Rehab I was back in the shadows. I began training as an outlaw Vampire hunter. I used the money me and my team had saved up mainly on getting them a proper burial. The rest I spent on weaponary and to learn what I could about vampires. My first hunt didn't turn out to well, I was hospitalized again, but the vampire was a pile of ash.
     About three days into my hospitalization I was out again, and this time comissioned by the city to clean out a major vampire haven. They said by any means nessicary, so i did by any means nessicary. I rigged the warehouse with about 6 oil drums of home made high explosive C-4, 90 galons of home made napalm, got a safe distance away, and hit the clacker. Got knocked on my ass, a piece of shrapnel through my leg, about a month in the hospital, and a ton of vampires turned to small scattered piles of dust. The city payed me, and even gave me a little extra thanks, I had blown up an area they where planning on demolishing and i had saved them a bundle on wrecking crews.
     After that my luck finally started to get better, I used less amounts of C-4 and napalm and spent less time in the hospital, but they still reserve a special bed just for me. I became a better hunter to the point where I could walk into a vampire haven and take down all that got in my way with a mix of silver bullets and Dragons breath rounds from my Max-Powers, and if i really needed it i used one of my teams LMGs, i couldnt handle it as well as my old troll Running mate, but i handled it well enough to make him proud.
     After about 3 years of Hunting i met my fall at the hands, or fangs, of a small lost and confused girl, a vampire had changed her to a vampire and i was trying to help her the only way i knew, Better dead then undead was what i used to say. Thinking her down i got in close, she jumped up and bite me and drained alot from me, then pushed me away crying about what she had done, then she came over quietly mumbling "im sorry, im sorry, im sorry" repeatedly. when she came in for the bite i fought back the only way i could, i bit her back on the neck, this scarred the hell out of her, and probally gave her a relapse of what had happened, she bolted like a bunny and i was left for dead.
     When I awoke i was back in my normal hospital bed like normal. Only differance was i didnt spend the normal month in bed, it was about a week or so. When I left i went home and rested up, i found no matter how much i eat or drank i was always hungry, the sun hurt my eyes and i tanned faster and burned easier, and it was harder to stay awake during the days. Soon i was out hunting again. It happened when fighting a major vampire, he could have been mistaken for a troll he was so big, only differance is trolls look a hell of a lot better then he did. Now im not a small guy, im about 5'9 or so, he was about 6'8 or so. he had the advantage. Now i was always strong, i used to arm wrestle my team mates and only people that beat me or got a tie was my troll mates, and those matches would last forever. and thats with both trying.
     I had locked up with the vampire in hand to hand, usally a big mistake, a vamp can rip you apart in hand to hand. Instead i got pissed, my first taste of blood lust, i plucked the vamps arm out of its socket and stuck my silver bowie in his chest and pushed up till he split, in two. After i recovered from the blood lust i stayed at home avoiding almost all contact with anybody. Soon after my cyber arm and leg where ejected from my body, and replaced with a nice new real arm and leg. I spent a week researching what was going on, soon it came to me, i had turned into a vampire, the ultimate irony.
     For a while i was fairly suicidal, but never tried to commit it, thats the cowards way out. Then i just got pissed, i strapped down all the weapons i could and found the largest vamp gathering and went in guns blazing. ((OOC: i get very very very very!!! good rolls some times, though other times i get all 1s and that usally sucks..)) When all was said and done 9/10ths of the vampires that had been there where turned to dust by LMG fire, bursts from a panther assault cannon, blasted with silver and dragons breath rounds from my max-pows, or cut to ribbons by just me and my bowie.
     After a few more like that (god i really spend alot of cash on ammo... lots of lone star attention) i started to look for a cure for my vampirism. Thats when i met Apoc, he was trying to get a Locus away from THALON and.. bugger, cant really remember her name, well, i remember one of her personalitys names, Black Jade wasnt it? either way, he offered to change me back to a human in exchange for getting the Locus while nobody was looking. As much as i wanted to be human again, i couldnt do it. And i didnt do it. After a bit when we got all better and not at each others throats i was enlisted to help fight the horrors, some weird inter-dimensional, extra-dimensional.. some really weird Drek. I was helping an orc girl who was trying to find out what some vamps had done to some small ork and troll kids they had kidnapped. and after we duked it out a bit, i slammed her against a wall as hard as i can at full strength 10 times, and she dislocated my jaw with one punch, we started to work together.. from there on most of the stuff is fuzzy.. but hey, im still alive... well, umm... hell, you know what i mean, and the world aint over run by horrors.
     Well thats most of my (un)life story. Things have mellowed down and im keeping the vamp population of seattle to acceptable levels, no matter what anybody thinks, im not completely genocidal, i just dont like really nasty vamps that bite kids, take down innocent people, or other such nasty crap. Personally, i raid the blood bank every other week.. which reminds me.. and i also take down the occasional Up start ganger group, the little punks that arent really a gang but more of a group of punk ass losers with no reason for what they do.
     Heh, and most of you wonder why im crazy, lost my team who was my family, lost everybody who was ever close to me, and became a vampire a very great irony. Still wonder why im crazy?
     With retirement comes the releif of a great stress, but dont think im gonna lose my edge, im gonna keep hunting now and then, to make sure the vamp population stays down. And im gonna keep hunting upstart gangers, so you think this old Dog of war is gonna fade away think again!!!

>Damien Bach - Alias(es): Daemon
>Race: Unknown
>Sex: Male
>Known Occupations/Abilities: Marksman/Quickdraw
  Brief undisclosed association with Ares.
  Retired and now contracting.
     Apparently Damien (Daemon) was hired by Ares at a Marksmanship contest, for reasons unknown he disappeared for the next 6 years. He resurfaced in June 2055, and as far as we know is now working for the highest bidder.
>Known Cybernetics and augmentations:
     A Cybernetic shooting arm was added after he was in a car wreck. the arm carries more electronics then most airplanes and is suprisingly fast. Usually wearing cosmetic sunglasses, it was recently discovered that Daemon has cybernetic eyes. Unknown augmentation on the eyes. No other visible augmentations.
     Daemon apears only to use semi and single shot weapons. He has never been seen using fully automatic weapons.

>NAME UNKNOWN - Alias(es): Darius
>Race: Elf
>Sex: Male
>Known Occupations/Abilities: Assassin
>Background (Autobiographical):
     I'm Darius,an elven assassin. I am 6 foot 2 inches and weigh 180 lb's.I adopt the dark hair dark eyes look and like to wear decent clothing. I was named after the pesian leader Darius by my father who was a history buff. I was born in Edinburgh scotland and after I left school I joined up with MI 6 the british inteligance force as a "Cleaner". I trained as a chemical and biological weapons expert and nocked up 27 succesful missions before they tried to kill me for showing a little compassion (I'm ruthless but I wont kill children.) I moved to seattle and am now a freelance assassin and a=have been for three years (You probably know my work, if its got anything to do with programable viruses, cyanide or any painful poisoning it's probably to do with me.)
     As an elf I find it hard to make friends and so my mates are the most important thing to me. My best friend is a human mage called Nexus he's being a bit of an asshole of late. Since my last girl friend was changed I have a personal vendetta against the Ares corp and any vampire that can't convince me otherwise. And to think this all happened to me and i'm only 23 years old.

>NAME UNKNOWN - Alias(es): Dis Pater
>Race: Unknown
>Sex: Male
>Known Occupations/Abilities: Hermetic Magician
>Background (Autobiographical):
My name is Dis Pater, it's latin for "death father" and is one of the seven names for Hades in old Greek mythology (OOC: ancient history and mythology are hobbies of mine)I'm originally from St Louis. I'm a vampire hermetic mage of decent power (Rain is more powerful than me, but has less friends...hehehe) and my hobbies are drinking the blood of innocent people and have a good time as well as futhering the vampire people as a race, instead of a disease. I also like strolling in the park and patting cute bunnies......yeah right!
     I'm 6 foot tall, about 130 pounds and sneer alot..... I kind of look like a cross between Armand out of "Interview with a Vampire" and your average Goth. I like to use knives (preferably di-coat throwing knives) and cast lots of spells that make things melt and burn, as well as scaring the drek out of passers-by. I also like to make the lives of Lone Star people a living hell, and talking to live talk shows.

>Name: M. Houmann - Alias(es): FlipSide, The Silent Twin
>Race: Homo Sapiens Sapiens (Human)
>Sex: Male
>Appearance: 6'1''; short, dark hair; green eyes (natural), often sports a blue/white 'Seattle Seahawks' cap
>Known Occupations/Abilities: Former LoneStar, freelance security consultant/private investigator (own firm - "Silent Noise Security")
>Background (Autobiographical):
     I was born in Washington D.C. shortly before the signing of the Treaty of Denver in 2018, but like most of the Anglos, my family relocated to Seattle during the Exodus and was employed by LoneStar (Dad as a regular cop and mom as a secretary). Dad got killed in the riots of 2022 and mom eventually suffered from a nervous breakdown and was institutionalized indefinately.
     I went to live with my aunt and her family, which became my new family during my stay. In 2038, mom committed suicide at the asylum and I moved out from my aunt's house and joined LoneStar as a sign of respect for my dad and started investigating his death in the riots. The first few years were hell; The Night of Rage and the ensuing chaos resulted in a drug problem, which in the long run affected my career in law enforcement.
     After 11 years on the force and having seen most of what the darkside of Seattle had to offer, it all just became too much to bear. The drug problem - for which I had undergone treatment several times - never really went away and after discovering the truth about my father's death (he had been killed by two other cops after they found out that he was 'on the take', making it look like a random casualty in the riots...), the cup finally overflowed. After a series of less-than-legal financial activities on my part, the force 'retired' me without a pension at an age of 32. The matter was buried and so was my father's death - that was the deal and I accepted.
     For a few years I did nothing but maintain an increasing drug habit, but one day I woke up in a hospital after I OD'ed. My aunt was there with her.. well... my family and after that, I realized that I had no life at all. With their help I started my own security consultant firm/detective agency and have been doing that ever since. I did some work at Knight Errant for a few weeks and since then business has been booming.
     I try to stay out of the Shadows, but somehow I always end up there anyway and I'm starting not to worry about that anymore. The money is good and it's a change from the daily hum-drum at the office. And since I like being up to date on the topic of current events in security and everything that entails, I have become a valuable source of information to many runners. At least, that what they tell me...
     That's it and that's that. As I like to say: "To serve and protect.. and profit".. these days it's more the latter that interests me..

>NAME UNKNOWN - Alias(es): Hock
>Race: Human
>Sex: Male
>Known Occupations/Abilities: None Known
>Biography (Autobiographical):
     Nothing I'm willing to talk about specifically, though I will say that I've been on a bomb squad somewhere, know the right end of a rifle, how to give CPR and administer an anti-toxin, and have a knack for electronics. Oh, and don't go anywhere near the Arcology. It is NOT pleasant in there.
     I'm about 5'4" and 160 lbs. Hair and eye colour vary from job to job, generally brown if I'm not working on or hiding from something. I carry a distinctive gun when not working as well; a Morrisey Elite with silver chasing, and a hawk's head on the barrel which, apparently, has wings if you're looking down the barrel in thermographic when it's fired (my armourer doesn't know how I spell my name, or where it comes from). I also wear a distinctive suit for meets; a Vashon Auctioneer suit, black and outlined in silver. Other than that I really don't have any identifying marks, and I take pains to keep it that way.
     For anyone looking to hire me or get in touch, I work out of Seattle, through a fixer named Jill. If that's not enough to find me, then you don't need my skills. Oh, and please don't look for any more information, I made quite sure that the person I was no longer existed before entering the Shadows.

>Name: Unknown
>Birthdate: [SYSTEM ERROR 1.5 Mp deleted by SysOp]
>Aliases: Ingo; Ingo Monk
>Height: 5'11"
>Weight: 180 lbs.
>Hair Color: Dark Brown
>Eye Color: Light Brown
>Notes About Appearance: Long hair, tied back; goatee (sp?); always wears fine brand black clothing (you know...Armani and stuff)

     Born and raised in Seattle's Bellevue district, his parents worked for [SYSTEM ERROR 2.5 Mp deleted by SysOp]. His father was head engineer in the company's R-&-D department, his mother being an engineer in the same department. Ingo went to the best schools as a child, and when his Talent showed itself at the age of 9, his parents immediately had this confirmed and his schooling was altered to further nurture his magical ability. Finishing grade school very early, he enrolled in MIT-&-M, so that his knowledge of Thaumaturgy could be expanded. It is said that he joined a magical group there, where he may have been initiated, but this is not confirmed. Graduating with a Bachelor's Degree in Thaumaturgy, he went back to Seattle so work for [SYSTEM ERROR 2.5 Mp deleted by SysOp], the same corporation his parents were working for. Ingo then began to work for [SYSTEM ERROR 2.2 Mp deleted by SysOp], the corporation's own private security force.
     Approximately 7 months after he began to work for [SYSTEM ERROR 2.2 Mp deleted by SysOp], his father discovered plans for [SYSTEM ERROR 6.6 Mp deleted by SysOp] in the company database. He then copied this information, and planned to showed it to Ingo later on that evening. Ingo received a telephone call from his father, which sounded very urgent. He rushed over to his parents' home to find the front door open and the home itself ransacked. He then found his parents tied to chairs, with some men from his own company division yelling at them and beating them. He tried to intervene only to be knocked out by someone from behind. He awoke to find that he was also tied to a chair, and the same men were asking him questions he knew nothing about. When he could not give an answer to his question, they shot his mother and father at point blank range. That's when they found out that Ingo had the Talent...the hard way. Breaking free of his bonds, Ingo ran and hid out at a friend's place in Makah territory for just under a month, when he finally went back to salvage what he could from his ransacked apartment. That is when he decided to turn to the shadows to make a living, knowing that everything he knew could never be the same. Since then it is said he formed a new magical group, in which he further hones his abilities.
>Yeah, I'll kick yer butt with mah über magic skills...fewl.
>Ingo (01:46:38 / 04-09-60)


>Jacob Fury - Alias(es): Jack Frost; Skeleton Jack
>Race: Human
>Sex: Male
>Known Occupations/Abilities: Rigger, Smuggler, Decker
>Background (Autobiographical):
     I grew up in the Sprawl being handed off from one foster family to another 'till I finally ran away. I fell in with a gang where I earned some cred 'till I believed I was big enough to run with the Big Boys. My life has recently consisted of normal smuggling runs, as well as a little business o' me own. I managed to get a little nest egg o' weapons and drugs going and am looking for interested buyers right now. I also have some major ties to certain crime organizations, i.e. Triad, as well as some local gangs in Seattle.

>NAME UNKNOWN - Alias(es): Jester
>Race: Unknown
>Sex: Male
>Known Occupations/Abilities: None
>Background (Autobiographical):
     Everybody knows me, I'm Jester. And acording to what I've been told, the name fits. I can't see why though. Anyway, I'm bout 5'8" at around 140# or so. Haven't checked in a while. I've also got this infatuation with twinkies. I love twinkies. I got about 5-6 boxes at my doss at all times, and my chummer V keeps a couple boxes for me at his doss to. I try to be friendly and outgoing, just don't piss me off. Then it won't be haha anymore.

>NAME UNKNOWN - Alias(es): Kagemusha
>Race: Unknown
>Sex: Male
>Known Occupations/Abilities: None
>Background (Autobiographical):
     There are many reasons to run the shadows...but, mine is what you might call a personal crusade. As Apoc has informed, we have made an allaince. The Japanese Great Dragon Council(JGDC), had put us to a test. The JGDC wanted to see how true and loyal we are to them. The JGDC had seen enough and finally told us the truth and their ultimate plan. Rin-Jin, the head of the JGDC, gave Raiko and his clan the gift of eternal life for a past deed rendered. Along with this "magical" power, the clan is also physads. As with any clan, you will have some that stay true and others that will stray. Raiko, my father, had set out after all those that left. To rid of them with one conclusion.....death. As Raiko was coming home, six of the last strays ambushed him. There was a great battle, Raiko killed three before his life had ended. Before my father was killed, he sent me of to live and learn Batto Jutsu from the great Miyamoto Musashi. I was a pupil for many years until I received word that my clan was being exterminated like a rodent infestation. I was unable to get home in time...only myself and my two brothers are the last of this great clan. While my brothers stay in japan, I have traveled the world over looking for my father's assassins. In my journeys, I have made some close friends, like the elves of the Tir Tairngire. There are rumors that Ryumyo is helping the three assassins and trying to gain complete control of the JGDC. Rin- Jin and the council, have noticed the great power and knowledge of an underling dragon, Mokushi(Apocalypse). Later, Rin-jin tells us that Mokushi is his son, the prince. Mokushi had grown up not knowing who his father was and that made him that much stronger mentally as well physically. They feel with his no fear attitude and knowledge beyond the realm of Japan, he would be a great representative to the World Council of Great Dragons (WCGD). The JGDC feel that Ryumyo has amassed many followers and power to try and overtake the JGDC as a stepping stone to conquer the WCGD. It may seem that I am out for personal reasons, which I am, but also helping a life-long family friend.

>NAME UNKNOWN - Alias(es): Misturugi
>Known Occupations/Abilities: Street Samurai
>Background (Autobiographical):
     I was born in Kobe the son of my Japanese mother and my English father not all that uncommon in these times. I had a privileged with both of my parents having well paid jobs, my father was a researcher that came over from England to do research on hydroponics and was co-working with my mother. They developed a new way forward in their field and earned a fair bit of money from their research.
     I was given a private tutor as it was around this time that people were kidnapping and murdering wealthy children and parents alike. So I got my private tutor and was given instruction in the ways of self-defence. It was the later that really caught my imagination and I took to it like a fish to water, I started my kung-fu at the age of five (quite late) and was soon progressing up the ranks at an astounding rate according to my teacher. I had found my niche! I continued with my studies and my martial arts side-by-side and developed a real penchant for kung-fu and demonstrating it.
     By the time I was 12 years old I had already surpassed my sensei and my parent provided a new one with more lessons for me. I was a that age where I just devoured all information and lessons. My parents being in the wealthy position that they were in did not approve of the increasing amounts of metahumans that were changing or awakening as it is now known. But I was a curious child and I was intrigued as to the abilities of these dwarfs and dryads things that I had only read about. I started to go out more as my parents in consultation with my current sensei said that I was more than capable or "dealing" with any situation that might arise although my sensei told me to avoid using my skill.
     So I started socialising with other teenagers older and younger and of different breeds. The later confused and scared my peers as they though that the meta's were of lower standing and not worthy of our attention. But I was intrigued and I wanted to know what they could do! It was then that I developed my ability to look past the different type of variants and look at the true person. Something that my teacher thought that I would never be able to do, ha! That is not to say that I got on with all of the people I met and one particularly annoying troll wanted to prove that I was scum. Probably because some other pure human had called him a trog or something. So he swung a couple of punches at me which I deftly avoided knowing full well that if any connected the lower half of my face would disappear. I avoided several more and then realising that he could go on all day I spun around behind him and kicked the back of his knees, which didn't do all that much but bring his head down a couple of feet which gave me an opportunity. I jumped up doing a 180 spin that gave me all the momentum I could muster and brought my foot down on the back of his head which summarily knocked him out. It was then that I started to get a bit more respect from the larger variants and the troll and I started to get on can you believe it?
     I started to hang around with my "rich" friends less and less and my street mates more, my parents did not agree but then again parents never do. We started having fights with other kids just for fun to see who was better and I was generally picked to do the fighting something I never told my sensei. I got a bit of a rep and I liked the respect that I got from the other street kids.
     At the age of 19 I moved out with the aid of my parents. I had finished my martial arts as my old sensei said that the rest I would have to learn and develop on my own. I moved out into a plush apartment and I enjoyed the new found freedom I had. Even though my schooling had gone well and I had achieved good grades even for a Japanese kid the prospect of working for a corp. did nothing for me and I continued to hang around with my street friends and live off my allowance from my parents. It was when I was twenty that I was approached about "running". I had obviously known about it but it never occurred to me. So I started running as I wanted to test myself out against the pro's and to become fully independent.
     I had been running the shadows for about 2 years, I was almost 22 by now, when I got a call from my father that my mother had been killed. He hadn't known who had done it but she was doing some new research and more than likely another corp. didn't want her to finish. I got one of my friends to do a bit of research behind it! My father was completely grief ridden and I had to support him through the months that he was in mourning, not to say that I wasn't sad but I had my own ways to deal with it.
     I put together a small group of close friends that I had ran with and we did the research and all the surveillance everything we needed to do. I had drafted in a good ork friend for me to track the team that had taken my mother out. My friend Enko was a rigger and could use his abilities in very imaginative ways. We planned our hit down to the finest detail and took out the corp. paid runners, particularly enjoyed killing the leader.
     Since then I have made it my mission to take out all corporations especially Mitsuhama as they were responsible for the hit. I carried out a couple more hits against the runners themselves but I eventually realised that it was pointless as the corps. could just put some more on the payroll. I decided to move to Seattle as I would be able to earn more money as I didn't think my father would found my own personal punitive mission. The other reason I went there was because I would be able to damage the corps. as Seattle corps. are smaller than in Japan and I would be able to do more damage. Since moving I have earned a fair bit of money and found an ok group of runners. At the current rate I will be able to afford and have enough contacts to damage some of the big corps. quite severely.
     The one thing I have missed are my friends and fellow runners from Japan, but from what I have heard my ugly friend Enko will be coming over soon. You may think that my mothers murder has effected me in some way and you would be right but that will be resolved when my plan comes in to fruition, but the one thing that hasn't changed is my constant desire to better myself. These are the ways of the enlightened and I continue my quest for brilliance in the eyes of my father and in the mystical arts themselves.

>NAME UNKNOWN - Alias(es): Paladin, NeoPaladin, Neo
>Race: Human (many say he looks like an elf)
>Sex: Male
>Appearance: About 6'3" and 150 lbs. His blond hair has streaks of red and orange in it, making it look like its on fire. He wears black almost exclusively, and never takes off his smartglasses, at least not that anyone has ever seen.
>Known Occupations/Abilities: Physad ninja hood. ex-assassin/Master of the Ares viper slivergun and Ranger SM-3
>Background (Autobiographical):
     I know little of my past, as I was kidnapped by Fuchi Industries when I was a kid, then brainwashed into becoming an assassin. While there, I was one of their best, but toward the end of the corp war, I managed to escape and have since tried to find my old life and help people as penance for the crimes I committed assassin. I have found out a little about my past, but not much, so my search goes on.
     If you ever need to contact me for any reason, contact a man named gimli. I however, refuse to do wetwork unless I deem it absolutely necessary.

>NAME UNKNOWN - Alias(es): Rain
>Race: Gnome
>Sex: Male
>Known Occupations/Abilities: Hermetical Magician
>Background (Autobiographical):
     I was born an albino gnome in a small village of my people in Wales in the year 2020. I grew up the son of an abusive father and a kind but weak mother. My childhood was a dark and troubled time, with the zenophobia of my people and the constant threat of vitas. In my teen years I was the constant target for beatings, scorn and riddicule by my peers, due to my natural apptitude for the sciences and total inability to understand and embrace the druidic faith. As my magical abilities manifested, I began to see the patterns of order in the chaos of astral space and embraced the Hermetic tradition. Finishing my schooling with top 1% scores, I gained entry (unknown to my parents) to Cambridge University and left my home and people to seek a better life. When I had completed my combined thurmaturgy/science degree, I signed on with a well funded RND corp in London in thier technomagic research labs, working 6 days a week. I lived a humble and lonely life, spending all my free time doing my own magical research and honeing my abilities. I used the money I saved to purchase magical compounds and a few implants over the years.
     Then one night in 2054, one of my people came to me while I was working on a metalurgy project. He told me that the village council had ordered my return to the community for heresy, or else face exile and retribution. In the following argument we managed to destroy the lab and I ran away from his unconsious form.
     I quickly got my money out of the bank and various investments and bought a fake Identity and some magical supplies and a one way ticket to Seattle. A month later, I was appraoched by group of runners who needed some magical aid on a run.
>     In the following years we travelled to the metaplanes to do a run for an imortal elf, killed a third of the lonestar Seattle force to break out of jail, ran to Aztland and fought with the rebellion in the sothern jungles and managed to take the peninsula, stole a prototype rotary laser cannon from Ares (then killed over 3000 crew after we where caught and put on a battleship, robbed a bank in Boston and killed over 50 innocents plus cops to fake our own deaths and then took 18 months off to train and heal and let the heat die down. In that time I spent most of my time researching new magics and searching the metaplanes for the secrets of magical power. It was then that I discovered the simple truth of the lifelight.
     Our first run back on the streets as "newbies" was a real easy wetwork. The second changed me forever. We went to Scotland to help some decker ghost and in the final phase, our team was hosed by a large force while I was held in thrall by the bio-deck I was jacked into. Two of us survived and escaped, and then split up to go our own ways. I then decided to go legit and take a real hand in running a small Huston corp I had set up a year before. It was all going well for a little over a year when a small team of my "dead" ex-runners showed up under false pretenses and almost killed me. I managed to use the power I had gained during my legit time to escape. I have lost all that I cared for except the power of the Lifelight and my hatred for the Horrors and the corrupted.
     The only constant in my life since I was a boy has been the power of magic and my continuous dedication to it. There hasn't been a week that has gone by that I haven't spent at least 20hrs delving the secrets of the arcane or travelling the metaplanes.
"Life sheads the Lifelight, the Lifelight brings order to the chaos of the astral, and with it comes the Power of the Arcane."

>NAME UNKNOWN - Alias(es): Redlok
>Race: Unknown
>Sex: Male
>Known Occupations/Abilities: None
>Background (Autobiographical):
     Sorry, chummers.
     As my Mr. J likes to put it, that's strictly "need-to-know only."
     I will, however, tell you a bit of how to identify me. I have a slightly luminscent tattoo over my left eye in the shape of a red crosshair. It's a relic from my early days when I thought I was the leanest, meanest warrior on the street, the true steppin' razor.
     Since I got straightened around, I've been meaning to get rid of it. It something of a hinderance. You can see it in the dark! But it's one of those things I've just never gotten around to, you know the story.
     Now, it's become how I'm known on the streets. My chummers tell me it never ceases to freak them out seeing that red crosshair coming out of the shadows behind them.
     I guess, I've got to take their word for it.

>NAME UNKNOWN - Alias(es): Repp
>Race: Unknown
>Sex: Male
>Known Occupations/Abilities: Smuggler; Pirate
>Background (Autobiographical):
     I'm Repp. I'm just under 6'1" and 175 lbs. I've got brown hair I keep pretty close so it won't get in the way. I was born in SF but moved to Africa with my parents when I was seven. They worked for Ares and I was being trained for their Military. That all ended when a large group of River pirates raided the corp facility and killed my parents cause they were in the way. They took me cause they thought they could ransom me or something (I was twelve then, I wounded one of them with a SMG but they broke my arm and knocked me out). Once they realized no-one wanted me back they didn't know what to do with me. Apparently there was a big argument about it but I don't remember 'cause I was still out cold. They decided to keep me and make me one of them. I had never seen much of my parents and I got to do so many things with the Pirates that I liked that I never thought twice about it. Don't get me wrong, life was hard, very hard. We had to fight and kill just to get enough food to eat four days out of five. I learned quickly and was soon a major figure in the clan. I rarely get sick, just luck I guess, so I was often strong when everyone else was shitting themselves or dropping like flies around me. I grew up like that for four years and moved toward the coast when the Corps began coming back in strength. I was with the Fanti for a while, then I hooked up with some long-haul smugglers and have been doing it ever since. Ares now wants me dead for raiding/demolishing several of their facilities in various locations worldwide. Sometimes I feel like a prodigal son who returns to kill everyone and burn the house down. Most of the time I just feel lucky to still be alive.

>NAME UNKNOWN - Alias(es): Squire
>Race: Human
>Sex: Male
>Known Occupations/Abilities: Special Investigator - FedPol >Background:
          (23.6 Mp deleted by
"In God we trust, everyone else we run through the computer."

>NAME UNKOWN - Alias(es): Tag
>Race: Human
>Sex: Male
>Known Occupations/Abilities: Physical Adept
     Studies close quarters combat, and trains with armed service types. Very good negotiator. Appears unassuming, and always appears to be distracted in some way.

>NAME UNKNOWN - Alias(es): Tiger
>Race: Human
>Sex: Male
>Known Occupations/Abilities: Physical Adept
>Background (Autobiographical):
     I've roamed all over the place searching...but what, my calling, I don't know. Through my travels, its givin me time to improve my body. I've chosen the sprawl as my "home". A place where I can hide. The few contacts and buddies I've made arte vital, because I always seem to find myself in drekload of trouble, and they're the ones to bail me out.

>Race: Unknown
>Sex: Male
>Known Occupations/Abilities: Physical Adept
>Background (Autobiographical):
     My story starts way out in NAN, my parents worked for a corp...Don't remember all of what happened...Just that I had to escape the clutches of some freaky corp sec and was taken in by UCAS military. Became a special forces operative (a physad nonetheless). I was working in a workstudy program to pay for college tuition after a long run without pay from the Black Berets...Heard screaming coming from a floor above. Headed up, fought my vampiric boss, got bit, snapped a table leg and staked him, repeatedly...Went home, woke up a few days later drenched in blood and hearing on the news about a serial killer...Finally pieced the clues together and headed to Seattle...Where I heard about Faith through this board. Her other personality was Black Jade...I helped her tremendously in aiding her totem in the destruction of aforementioned locus. From there on, North has my story as well...Mostly.

>NAME UNKNOWN - Alias(es): Voltaire
>Race: Unknown
>Sex: Male
>Known Occupations/Abilities: Decker; Street Doc
>Background (Autobiographical):
     My name is Voltaire and I'm just your work-a-day, synthcrack addicted, black market street doc/decker, once indentured to the Honjawara-clan (Yakuza) in the NYC-Newark area. I spent my youth in one of those "Advancement for Ork" schools that let me get into medschool in NYU. I worked real hard and did real good, top of the class even, but my true passion was poetry and philsophy. I had to put the artistic side of me behind in order to make some cash to support my Mom. I eventually got my degree and went on to Bellvue. It was there that I got into morphine and the heavier stuff later on, my route was deteriorating and to support my habit I got into hacking. Breaking into the Green health records to sell to buyers for money. Yakuza buyers. I sorta forgot to use a local on one of my patients during surgery and got busted. After the trial my liscence was fragged, I was blacklisted, and had 5-10 years in a cell with some guy named "Peaches". The Yaks got me out of there and set me up in a Public Space unit to use as living quarters and street hospital. All I had to do was patch up any Yaks that came my way and deck a few (hundred) times to get them off my back. They haven't been back in a while, of course they could always come back for a "favor". Now? Now I spend most of my resources on fixing runners for a price or as a street decker if my services are needed. The boys down at The Gentleman Loser in Greenwhich like my poetry I leave on the bathhroom walls so much that I now give weekly spoken word rants at the bar. Hookie gives me free drinks for that. Anyway it's been a while since I was on a run and cash is running low....

>NAME UNKNOWN - Alias(es): Wildhuntsman
>Race: Unknown
>Sex: Male
>Known Occupations/Abilities: Former Security Decker; Decker
>Background (Autobiographical):
     Well lets see . I was originally your average security decker.The company dropped me for not conforming to thier standards ( they disliked the fact my girlfriend was an elf { neener neener neener}). So I wound up signing up for a 1 year contract with the Steel Ravens merc unit as a decker.Honed my demolitions skill with them, damn i miss those guys. Made enought to get the tools and parts to build a decent deck, and now i do matrix runs.Uh I do not do face to face meets, I married my girl and do not want her to get hurt.It also makes it easier on me if people do not know what i look like( hey my wife knows I'm woth about 5 million... in bounties).And I've mellowed out from my wilder days.... but I still love explosives.

>Stephen Browning - Alias(es): Wild Man Zeke, Bearclaw
>Race: Dwarf
>Sex: Male
>Appearance: 4'3" tall, brown hair, blue eyes. Has a short brown beard. Commonly wears a brown leather bomber jacket and mirrored sunglasses.
>Known Occupations/Abilites: Freelance Security Specialist, suspected Dog Shaman.
>Background (Autobiographical):
     Who, me? Drek, I'm just a regular guy. What do you want to talk to me for? Yeah, I guess I've got a story. most anybody does. Alright, alright, here goes:
     I was born in the year 2026. My parents were mid-range wageslaves for a major corporation, I won't say which one. They caught a lot of flak for being the parents of a "freak". If you think the corporate mindset is a closed one now, you should have seen it thirty-odd years ago. But they toughed it out, worked hard, and then came home to the loving household they had formed. My extended family was really there for me, too. I was mostly homeschooled because my parents didn't want me exposed to the same stigma they encountered day after day.
     Then, in 2039, came the Night of Rage. I'm sure you've all heard of it. Well, it didn't hit just inner-city folk. And it wasn't confined to the backwoods, either. A few places in suburbia got just as hot. My parents had heard angry mutterings for days, so they snuck me out of the house. I stayed at my uncle's place. During the Night of Rage, a group of rioters burned my house to the ground, with my parents inside it. They didn't know I wasn't there.
     My uncle, who I'd been staying with for a few days, happens to be a detective for the Star. One thing you learn quick enough is to never frag with a cop's family. My uncle and his buddies managed to trace the majority of the people who were on the scene that night. Then he taught me how to fire a shotgun, using moving targets. I was thirteen years old.
     After that, I was raised in the company of detectives, probation officers, and S.W.A.T. captains. My talents grew. I went to a university for a while, then the Star offered me a position. I turned it down flat. No hard feelings, though. They know it's just not the life for me. And when they need me, all they have to do is call. And I know they're always there for me. So there's no worries. Now I'm a Freelance Security Specialist. It says so on my card, take one. Ha.

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